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In 1990, the Lord prompted Pastor Joe to register a charitable organization called Zion Foundation, according to Isaiah 58:6,7 to be able to help the poor internationally to under privileged communities irrespective of their beliefs, color, race nor social status. Pastor Joe was born into poverty hence his determination to teach and help by pointing people to the Lord Jesus who provides all things. He leads teams to third world nations, carrying clothing, shoes, medicine, literatures, food and Bibles as directed by the Lord.
Poverty knows no color, race nor boundaries hence he travels to India, Gabon, Nigeria and United States with the message of hope. Due to his humanitarian works, in USA he has met several times with the Governor of Idaho Dick Kempthorne and was given the key of the City of Burley Idaho by the Mayor Frank Buaman.


We also have Zion Bible Institute which is affiliated to Victory Bible Institute, Tulsa, USA. Students are on scholarships where they can graudate with Diplomas, Degrees, Post-graduate and Doctorate in Theology.


We are in the process of constructing a Christian schools for the villagers. JOSSY COMPUTER SCHOOL is a computer school which Pastor Joe founded in Amawbia, so the people could be educated in computer skills where student obtain diploma certificate. As the world is becoming more computerized, it is a great asset for the area.


Education is very vital in the ministry both in Scotland and in Nigeria, hence the Lord has commanded us to educate the whole man � spirit, soul and body. In addition to paying school fees, accommodations, books, etc to the villagers in Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities.


In 1996 pastor Joe hosted the 1st United Kingdom Church Growth Conference both in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the host to Dr and Mrs David Yongi Cho and team, the pastor of the largest single church in the world in Seoul, South Korea.

Rev. Dr. Joe Nwokoye, with Prime Minister, Gordon Brown


WATER 4 LIFE:- In Nigeria, many people are sick due to dirty water which the drink. We are planning to construct 3 boreholes pipe water for these 3 areas where our churches are located. The water will be free to all in the area irrespective of their belief or tribe. In some area, water is sold as a business, which makes it very difficult for the poor to afford clean water.
CHURCH:- Our churches are too small to contain the worshipers. One of the churches shares the building with the Bible Institute which makes it difficult for students to attend classes every day.
SCHOOL:- Primary and High school are very necessary in these villages to educate the villagers.

The homesless listening to word of encouragement from Pastor Joe.

Pastor Joe feeding the homeless in Idaho, USA.

Pastor Joe with Bible students in South Korea.

A member of Zion Praise Center International, giving support gifts to young footballers at Ukpo, Anambra State of Nigeria.

Rev. Dr. Joe Nwokoye, with Gov. Dirk Kempthorne

Pastor Joe signing the Governor's Guest Book

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