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My name is Agnes Currie; I am a member of Zion Praise Center Kirkcaldy, where Reverend Joe Nwokoye is my pastor.
I have been suffering from Asthma for 14 years. I was told it would never go away, and would only get worse in the winter. A flu vaccination was vital every winter, as one year I had missed it and the result was 2 weeks in hospital seriously ill. I made a point never to miss it again. However, this winter was a different story.
I've been a born again Christian for 7 years, and became a member of Zion Praise Center last February. I noticed the pastor had been praying over the sick and they were healed so I believed God could do this for me also by delivering me from Asthma. I asked Pastor Joe to pray over me he did, that was last July and since then I haven�t taken my inhalers. I decided to stand upon the word of God and speak positively into my situation, not to go by what I saw or felt but what God says.
Although my health was at its best I was receiving letters from the doctor advising me to attend the Asthma clinic and have my yearly vaccination, they knew how bad my Asthma could be, last winter it was spiraling out of control I had to take double doses of medication and was supplied with steroid pills. However this winter I didn�t need ANY medication, but the big test was whether or not go get my vaccine, would I be alright, or end up in hospital again?
I trusted in the word of God, He wasn�t going to heal me halfway, He is the god of divine healing and through His grace I now have my health back. When I had received a third letter I thought I�d better let them know how well I am. After I shared with the nurse what God did for me she was shocked, but the proof was there and due to my healing I was told I would be taken of the repeat prescription my list my lungs are perfect and I no longer have asthma.
I know my God has healed me, for what is impossible with men is POSSIBLE with God.
Praise Yawheh Rapha � The God Who Heals.

Agnes Currie
Glenrothes, Scotland.

My name is Tracey Akuroko. I was struck by tuberculosis and my flat mate called an ambulance and rushed me to Middlesex hospital London. My condition got worst that the doctors gave me no hope of recovery. After a week in the hospital, I stopped breathing and was placed on the machine that could help me to breath. While this was going on I had gone and did not know where I was. The hospital contact my mate to come in and signed for the machine to be switch off, but she refused claiming that she was not my next of kin. The hospital finally decided it was over and my friend called Pastor Joe in Scotland and told him what had happened.
The pastor flew to London and my friend Maria picked him at the airport and brought him to the hospital to pray. The pastor can tell better what he saw and encountered with the hospital staff, because I was to be wheeled into the muntuary but praise God, the Lord raised me from the dead, and three days later I was discharged.
I am very well, happy and still working and living in London with my son Paris.l
God is good.

Tracey Akuroko
London, England

My name is Duncan. After a period of homelessness I ended up in a council accommodation. Unemployed, separated from my family and with no money. In March I attended an outreach meeting at Zion Praise Centre, after being received by the congregation and hearing the word that was spoken I was so Blessed, I started coming to church and I am now a member.
In April I started work as a Gardener, self employed. In May I paid off a loan and now own my Van. It�s my first year in business and I am very pleased and think it is successful .In December I just bought my own home CASH and I am now living the life God has for me.
Thank God for his provisions, I have never been hungry and never been without money. If he can do it for me, He can do it for YOU.


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